Faculty & Staff


The faculty of the Communication Studies Department are an international blend of both Chinese and Western scholars. Members have received their education from a wide variety of university backgrounds in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the United States. In this way the department maintains an international perspective and gains the benefit of building its programmes on the basis of multiple voices all working together to provide a rich intercultural foundation for investigating the communication processes we research and teach. The department currently has full-time, part-time and half-time faculty members distributed among the three Options / Concentrations.

Faculty Members

Kineta HUNG 孔慶勤
Professor and Head
(B.Mus. Oberlin, MBA York, PhD York)
Option/Concentration: ABT:(852) 3411-7227
Angela MAK 麥嘉盈
Associate Professor, Programme Director of Public Relations and Associate Head
(M.Phil HKBU, PhD University of Oregon)
Option/Concentration: PRT:(852) 3411-7226
Kara CHAN 陳家華
(BSc HKU, MPhil CUHK, MSocSc HKU, PhD CityU)
Option/Concentration: ABT:(852) 3411-7836
Terri H. CHAN 陳瀚盈
Assistant Professor
(BSocSc HKU, MPhil Cambridge, PhD HKU)
Option/Concentration: ABT:(852) 3411-8246
Ling CHEN 陳 淩
(BA Fujian Normal, MA London, MPhil Essex,PhD Ohio State)
Option/Concentration: ORGCT:(852) 3411-7807
Regina Yi-Ru CHEN 陳怡如
Associate Professor
(BA Kaohsiung Taiwan, MA Maryland, PhD Maryland)
Option/Concentration: PRT:(852) 3411-5057
Timothy K. F. FUNG 馮繼峯
Assistant Professor
(BSocSc, MPhil HKBU, PhD UW-Madison)
Option/Concentration: ORGCT:(852) 3411-7381
Vivienne LEUNG 梁雪茵
Senior Lecturer and Programme Director of Advertising and Branding
Option/Concentration: AB:(852) 3411-7485
Ringo C. L. MA 馬成龍
(BA Soochow, MA S Dakota State, PhD Florida)
Option/Concentration: ORGCT:(852) 3411-7483
Hyun Jee OH 吳炫枝
Assistant Professor
(PhD Missouri)
Option/Concentration: PRT:(852) 3411-2336
Vivian C. SHEER 謝 淳
(PhD Florida)
Option/Concentration: ORGCT:(852) 3411-7223
Jingyuan Jolie SHI 石靜遠
Research Assistant Professor
(MA Michigan State U, PhD NTU)
Option/Concentration: ABT:(852) 3411-8137
Xiaosui XIAO 蕭小穗
(BA Jinan, MA Akron, PhD Ohio State)
Option/Concentration: ORGCT:(852) 3411-7868
Kaibin XU 徐開彬
Associate Professor
(PhD University of Colorado)
Option/Concentration: ORGCT:(852) 3411-7876
Dominic YEO 楊天逸
Assistant Professor and Programme Director of ORGC
(BA & BSocSc Hons NUS, MPhil & PhD Cambridge)
Option/Concentration: ORGCT:(852) 3411-8229
Xinshu ZHAO 趙心樹
Chair Professor
Option/Concentration:ABT:(852) 3411-8119