Details of Travel Information


The official languages in Hong Kong are Chinese and English. The local people speak the dialect of Cantonese. However, Putonghua and English are widely spoken in Hong Kong too.


In early Jan, Temperature and humidity are cold and dry. Temperatures range from 12 oC to 18 oC, humidity about 62%.


Legal tender is the Hong Kong dollar (HK$). The value of the Hong Kong dollar has been pegged at HK$7.8 to the US dollar, and consequent rates of exchange to other currencies.


Visitors to Hong Kong must hold a passport that is valid for at least six months after the planned departure date from Hong Kong. Nationals of most countries are not required to obtain visas and can stay for periods varying from seven days to 180 days, depending on nationality.


Other Information

Carry-on Baggage on Departure & Transit

Departing and transit visitors should note that enhanced security measures are now in effect at Hong Kong International Airport. Visitors are reminded not to carry any sharp objects with a point or blade such as knives, cutters, scissors, razor blades, or household cutlery in carry-on luggage. Pack them in check-in baggage. From 21 March 2007, restrictions will also apply to carry-on liquids, gels and aerosols, which must be in containers no bigger than 100ml and placed in a single (maximum one per passenger) transparent re-sealable bag with a capacity not exceeding one litre.