COMM 50 Dinner

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COMM 50 Way Forward Dinner


As the cradle of communication leaders over the past 50 years, COMS hosted this special event with over 100 participants, including faculty, staff, alumni and industry guests, to discuss the challenges and opportunities brought by the emergence of new media in the public relations and advertising industry. They also shared views on areas namely:
1) the prevailing trend of digital marketing;
2) “haters” culture affecting public relations practice; and
3) ways to uphold attributes of communication practitioners of the new generation.

Prof Vivian Sheer, Head of COMS, concluded, “The venue was stunningly beautiful, the food was exquisitely delicious, and the people were graciously engaging.”

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COMM 50 Way Forward Dinner – Alumni sharing on “Truth is Virtue”


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COMM 50 Way Forward Dinner – Message from Alumni to COMM students


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