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Interdisciplinary Heritage

The Communication Studies Department ( 傳播系 ) at HKBU is a diverse community of teacher-scholars committed to advancing the communication discipline and applying the discipline's concepts and principles to the society in which we live.

Our teacher-scholar orientation is founded on the value we place on teaching informed by research and research illuminated by teaching. Our diversity grows out of our commitment to exploring communication through a variety of humanistic, social scientific and applied professional approaches. We are committed to a collaborative and inclusive academic environment in which we participate in developing communication as an essential area of human inquiry and contribute to the growth and welfare of our community.

Emphasis on Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
The faculty of the Department are dedicated to preparing students for life-long learning and active contributions to society. To equip them for this, we have established a sound program of study that cultivates competence in oral, visual and written communication, develops critical thinking and creative expression, and promotes theoretically-informed problem-solving ability for use in a wide variety of applied communication contexts.
The efforts of the department, therefore, are aimed toward the goals of providing a rigorous foundation in knowledge about the process, structure and effects of communication and developing thoughtful, articulate and innovative leaders for Hong Kong, mainland China and the Asian Pacific region.

Integration of Three Options
The Department offers three majors :
DGC students learn multiple media skills in the context of communication, such as branding and advertising campaigns.
ORGC subjects focus primarily, but not exclusively, on the internal mode of communication in organizational settings, such as leadership, conflict management, and decision making.
PRA focuses primarily, but not exclusively, on the external mode of communication, such as image building, public awareness campaigns, and crisis communication.
Students in each are required to take subjects in the other two. The three complement and support one another to constitute a full-fledged communication programme.
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