Faculty & Staff

Angela MAK 麥嘉盈

Associate Professor and Program Director of Public Relations

(M.Phil HKBU, PhD University of Oregon)

Dr Angela Mak is the first Hong Kong native received a PhD specialized in Public Relations from the United States (University of Oregon). Throughout her whole education and career life, her area of focus is all about public relations and most of her scholarly works involved partnerships with organizations across different sectors in the US, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. During her doctoral study, Dr Mak was appointed as Chair of Research Committee of the International Association of Business Communicators’ Research Foundation, headquartered in San Francisco. Her PhD dissertation was funded by PeaceHealth, one of the largest nonprofit medical groups in Pacific Northwest, and her recommendations on social responsibility were adopted by the top management.

Dr Mak’s research areas of expertise include social responsibility, community engagement and cancer survivorship. She has published over 20 research articles in international peer-reviewed journals and book chapters, including the Journal of Public Relations Research, Public Relations Review, Journal of Brand Management, Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, Journal of Cancer Survivorship, Journalism and Mass Communication Educator, Australian Journalism Review and Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector Marketing among others. She has also won 4 best research paper awards in top communication and public relations international conferences (i.e. ICA, AEJMC and IPRRC).

Dr Mak has a special interest in using her communication expertise in solving health-related issues to form a larger stakeholder policy community. During her last posting in the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information at Nanyang Technological University, she has supervised half a dozen of student-led nationwide campaigns. Notably, the inaugural cyber wellness summit in 2008 (co-organized with government agencies and NPOs), Sharing Plates cookbook launch in 2011 (with the National Cancer Centre Singapore) and Youth Hawkerprise campaign in 2013 (with a mention by the Prime Minister Office and his personal congratulating note) were well received by the media and local community.

In 2010, Dr Mak won a competitive grant from the Singapore Cancer Society, the only awarded team at NTU. Since then, she continues to lead this only team in Asia examining cancer survivors and work issues through doing research with medical professionals to develop evidence-based interventions for the cancer community.  With her expertise in community engagement, health promotion and strategic communication, Dr Mak believes that at the end of the day, ideas without action do not make a difference.

《分甘同味》心靈食譜: https://www.facebook.com/SharingPlatesHongKong/

Areas of Research

  • Social responsibility
  • Community engagement
  • Cancer survivorship
  • Health communication                                
  • Identity and reputation management
  • Public relations education and pedagogy


Journal Articles

  • Mak, A. K. Y. (in press). Teaching international public relations: A follow-up survey among educators. Journalism & Mass Communication Educator.
  • Tarek, K. M., & Mak, A. K. Y. (in press). Fashion CSR by global brands vs. social enterprises: A closer look after the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh. Media Asia.
  • Mak, A. K. Y., Pang, A., & Hart, E. (2015). Communicating corporate social responsibility: Agenda building in Australia. Australia Journalism Review.
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  • Hutton, J. K., & Mak, A. K. Y. (2014). Is a picture worth a thousand words? Using films and television shows to teach public relations. Public Relations Review, 40(3), 585-594.
  • Mak, A. K. Y., Ho, S. S., & Kim, H. J. (2014).  Factors related to employer’s intent to hire, retain and accommodate cancer survivors: The Singapore perspective. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation
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  • Lee, M. H., Mak, A. K. Y., & Pang, A. (2012). Bridging the gap: An exploratory study of corporate social responsibility among SMEs in Singapore. Journal of Public Relations Research, 24: 299-317.
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  • Mak, A. K. Y. (1999). Facial skin color preferences for Chinese women in Hong Kong magazine advertisements. Human Communication, 2(1), 87-98.

Refereed Book chapters

  • Sutherland, S., & Mak, A. K. Y. (in press) Blending dialogic and relationship management theories Developing an integrated social media communication model for the non-profit sector. In Duhe, S. (Ed.). New Media and Public Relations (3rd Ed.). Peter Lang Publishing.
  • Pang, A., & Mak, A. K. Y., & & Lee, M. H. (2015). Communicating corporate social responsibility in Singapore: towards more effective media relations. In Ng, P., & Ngai, C. (Eds). Role of Language and Corporate Communication in Greater China: From Academic to Practitioner Perspectives. Springer.
  • Mak, A. K. Y., & Pang, A. (2014). Communicating cancer: media agenda building for cancer promotion in Singapore. In Eaves, M. (Ed.). Applications in Health Communication: Emerging Trends. Kendall Hunt.
  • Chaidaroon, S., & Mak, A. K. Y. (2013). Cultural perspective on social entrepreneurship: a case study of social media usage by a community-based cancer treatment in Rural Thailand. In Wankel, S., & Pate, L. (Eds.). Social Entrepreneurship as a Catalyst for Social Change. Information Age Publishing.
  • Pang, A., Mak, A. K. Y., & Lee, M. H. (2011). Significance of sector-specific corporate social responsibility initiatives: Status and roles of CSR in different sectors. In Ihlen, O., Barlett, J., & May S. (Eds.), The Handbook of Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility. Wiley Blackwell.
    *PRIDE award for scholarly books, National Communication Association, November 2011
  • Mak, A. K .Y., & Chaidaroon, S (2011). Case on Malay cancer survivors in Singapore. In Brann, M. (Ed.), Contemporary Issues in Health Communication: Theoretical and Practical Case Studies. Kendall Hunt.


Awarded Grants

External Grants

  • Singapore Cancer Society Grant. (2010). The Economic and Social Impacts of Cancer: A Stakeholder Approach. Principal Investigator. S$37,440.
  • PeaceHealth Medical Group Externally-Funded Grant. (2004). Reputation and Identity Study among Key Stakeholders. Principal Investigator. US$7,600.

Internal Grants

  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership Seed Fund. (Hong Kong Baptist University, 2015). Community Cookbook Collaboration for Holistic Cancer Care. Principal Investigator. HKD$119,800.
  • Research Grant. (Faculty of Arts, Monash University, 2014). Idealized Body Image among Male Youth in Australia: Toward An Integrated Cognitive Processing Approach. Principal Investigator. AUD$2,000.
  • New Appointee Grant. (Faculty of Arts, Monash University, 2013). The Role of Public Relations in Social Responsibility and Community Involvement. Principal Investigator. AUD$2,500.
  • Research Cluster Grant. (WKWSCI, Nanyang Technological University, 2013). Sustainability and Communication Issues. Contributed the business and stakeholder perspective (CSR). Co-Investigator. S$49,990.
  • S$15K Research Grant (WKWSCI, Nanyang Technological University 2010). Work and Cancer Survivors: A Multi-Faceted Stakeholder Approach. Principal Investigator. S$14,550.
  • RG1 RCC Research Grant (WKWSCI, Nanyang Technological University, 2007). Stakeholder Identification and Resource Capability: An Empirical Study. Principal Investigator. S$4,870.
  • College of Agriculture Internal Grant (Iowa State University, 2005). An Identity-Image Study for the College’s Name Change Decision. The College is one of the top five agricultural colleges in the US and it is also one among nine institutions in the nation that has retained the name “College of Agriculture.” This project aimed to help the College decide if a name change is needed. Principal Investigator. US$5,608.



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