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(BA Fujian Normal, MA London, MPhil Essex, PhD Ohio State)

Prof. Chen joined Hong Kong Baptist University in 1997, from the University of Oklahoma, USA. Over the years, Prof. Chen has served as Dept. Head, Acting Dean of the School and Research Graduate Student Coordinator of the School of Communication.
The Research and teaching Areas of Prof. Chen include organizational communication, intercultural communication, psychology of communication, communication and argumentation, interpersonal communication competence, language and social interaction, and Chinese communication. Prof. Chen has published widely in academic journal and has held leadership positions in professional associations.

Courses Taught at HKBU

Selected Professional Activities

  • Editorship
    • Editor, Management Communication Quarterly, 2012 - 2015
    • Associate Editor, Communication Theory, 2011 - 2015
  • Editorial Board Membership
    • Current:
      • Communication Theory
      • Intercultural Communication Book Series, SFLE Press
      • Journal of Applied Communication Research
      • Chinese Journal of Communication
      • Discourse and Communication
      • Journal of Intercultural Communication Research
      • Journal of International & Intercultural Communication
      • Howard Journal of Communications
    • Past:
      • Communication Studies, Human Communication Research, Journal of Communication, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Management Communication Quarterly
  • Professional Organization Offices
    • Vice-/Chair, Intercultural Communication Division of International Communication Association, 2008-2011
    • Vice President, China's Association for Intercultural Communication, 1999 - 2007
    • President, Association for Chinese Communication Studies, 1996-1997
    • Vice-/Chair, Intercultural Communication Interest Group of Central States Communication Association, USA, 1996-1998
    • Board of Directors Member, China's Association for Intercultural Communication, 1999 -
    • Board of Directors Member, International Association of Intercultural Communication Studies, 2007-

Selected Recent Publications

  • Chen, L. (2016). Learning the culture of a people: Chinese communication as an example. Intercultural Communication Studies, 25, 53-65. Available online at http://web.uri.edu/iaics/files/XXV1%E2%80%93Ling-CHEN.pdf
  • Chang, H.-C. & Chen, L. (2015). Commonalities as an alternative approach to analyzing Asian Pacific communication: Some notes about the special issue. Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 25, 1-22. DOI: 10.1075/japc.25.1.01ch
  • Chen, L. & Feng, C. G. (2015). Host environment, host communication, and satisfaction with life: A study of Hong Kong ethnic minority members. Communication Research. Published online before print Feb. 16, 2015, DOI:  http://crx.sagepub.com/content/early/2015/02/13/0093650215570655.full.pdf+html
  • Chen, L., Feng, C. G. & Leung, V. (2014). Content and source of information about persons with a disability, perceptions, and attitudes as predicting and mediating factors of behavioral inclination: A study of Hong Kong school students. Chinese Journal of Communication, 7, 429-447. DIO: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/17544750.2014.945603
  • Chen, L. (2012). Culture, cultures and intercultural communication: A cross disciplinary reader. Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press.
  • Chen, L. (2012). 'Empathy, cultural identity and intercultural understanding', Intercultural Communication Research, 3, 28-34.
  • Chen, L. (2011). Intercultural communication. In Oxford Bibliographies Online - Communication. New York: Oxford University Press. DIO: www.oxfordbibliographiesonline.com
  • Chen, L. (2011). Cultural identity as a production in process: A study of Hong Kongers’ account. Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, 21, 213–237.
  • Chen, L. (2010). Traditional Chinese value orientations: Contemporary manifestation of indigenous constructs. In M. B. Hinner (Ed.). Freiberger Beitraege zur interkulturellen und Wirtschaftskommunikation V. 7 (pp. 341-364) (A Forum for General and Intercultural Business Communication - The Interface of Business and Communication). Berlin: Peter Lang.
  • Sheer, V. & Chen, L (2008). Fear appeals in Chinese print OTC ads: Extending the four-component message structure. International Journal of Communication, 2, 936-958. DOI: http://ijoc.org/ojs/index.php/ijoc/article/download/360/207
  • Chen, L. (2008). Leaders or leadership? Management Communication Quarterly, 21, 547-555. DOI: http://mcq.sagepub.com/content/21/4/547.extract
  • Song, Z. & Chen, L. (2007). A qualitative study of organization hero stories in two Chinese companies. IIC Annual XXX, 259-288. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
  • Chen, L. (2003). Conversation Orientation and Cognitive Processes: A Comparison of U.S. American Students in Initial Interaction with Native vs. Non-native Speaker Partners. Human Communication Research, 28, 182-209.
  • Chen, L. (2002). Perceptions of intercultural interaction and communication satisfaction: A study of face-to-face interaction in an intercultural setting. Communication Reports, 15, 133-147. [The Perceptions of Interaction Scale]



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