Faculty & Staff

Kineta HUNG 孔慶勤

Professor and Head

(B.Mus. Oberlin, MBA York, PhD York)

Kineta Hung is Professor and Head of the Department of Communications Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University. Her research interests include celebrity endorsement, managing national images, communication engagement, and advertising in China. Her works have appeared in Journal of Marketing, Journal of Advertising, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Advertising Research, Journal of Retailing and Journal of International Marketing. Professor Hung serves on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Advertising (JA) and the International Journal of Advertising (IJA). She is also a member of the Research Committee of the American Academy of Advertising (AAA).

Professor Hung is the recipient of five major research grants as well as several awards including the Emerald Management Reviews Citations of Excellence. She has given academic and executive talks on various advertising topics in Hong Kong, China and overseas. Currently, she is co-authoring a book on Chinese Firms Going Global: Their Impacts, Best Practices, and Implications (Cambridge University Press) and editing a volume on Advertising and Branding in China under Routledge’s Major Works on China Marketing. Professor Hung is an honorary professor at Communication University of China and is a research fellow at Chinese Management Centre, Hong Kong University.

Research Interests

  • Celebrity Endorsement & Advertising Imagery
  • Communication Engagement
  • Advertising & Branding in China

Selected Publications

Invited Book Chapters

  • Hung, Kineta (2015), “Repairing the Made-in-China Image in the US and UK: Effects of Government-supported Advertising,” in International Public Relations and Public Diplomacy: Communication and Engagement, Guy Golan, Sung-Un Yang and Dennis Kinsey (eds.), New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 209-228.
  • Shevy, Mark and Kineta Hung (2013), “Music in Television Advertising and Other Persuasive Media,” inPsychology of Music in Multimedia, Siu-Lan Tan, Annabel Cohen, Scott Lipscomb, and Roger Kendall (eds.), Oxford: Oxford University Press, 315-338.

Research Honours

  • Emerald Management Reviews Citations of Excellence Award for 2012. Awarded to the article “When Does Guanxi Matter? Issues of Capitalization and its Dark Sides” (Journal of Marketing, 2008).
  • Featured Article in Journal of Marketing BLOG, 2008. Awarded to the article “When Does Guanxi Matter: Issues of Capitalization and its Dark Sides” (Journal of Marketing, 2008).
  • Short-listed for Best Article Award in Journal of Advertising, 2000. Awarded to the article “Narrative Music in Congruent and Incongruent TV Advertising” (Journal of Advertising, 2000).

Competitive Research Grants

  • Shifting Love from Local to Foreign Brands: Brand Transgression, Passion Loss and Construction of New-Self” (GRF), Hong Kong Research Grant Council, 2014-2016
  • "Understanding the Global Proliferation of Chinese-Made Products: A Multi-Country Study on the Effects of Empathy and Expanded Worldview on Chinese-Made Product Evaluation," Hong Kong Research Grant Council (GRF), 2011-2013
  • "The Celebrity as Brand Endorser: Motivations, Attachment and Effects," Hong Kong Research Grant Council (GRF), 2009-2011
  • "Materialistic Value and Status Brand Consumption among Generation Cohorts in China," Hong Kong Research Grant Council (CERG), 2005-08

Courses Taught:

  • Advertising in China
  • Branding and Communication
  • Case Studies in PR and Advertising
  • Principles and Methods of Advertising
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Advertising Management
  • Marketing Management

Written & Video Cases

  • "Nike and Liu Xiang: Crisis Management in Sport Marketing," HKU Asia Case Research Centre, 2009.
  • "Carrefour China & the Olympic Torch Relay: Managing Corporate Crisis," HKU Asia Case Research Centre, 2009.
  • "SK-II: Damage Control in China," HKU Asia Case Research Centre, 2008.
  • "WE Marketing Group: Building a Global Marketing and Communication Company in China," HKUAsia Case Research Centre, 2007 (with Ali Farhoomand).
  • "WE Worldwide Partners: A Chinese Global Brand in the Advertising Industry," Focus-Asia Business Leaders Series, Asia Case Research Centre, University of Hong Kong, 2006 (with Ali Farhoomand).
  • Episode aired on PBS in 2006 & BBC World News in 2008.
  • "EDB and Friends: Reviving a Mature Brand through Interactive Online Marketing," HKU Asia Case Research Centre, 2007.
  • "Creative Advertising: Sunday Communications Limited," HKU Asia Case Research Centre, 2005.


  • American Academy of Advertising
  • Association for Consumer Research
  • Chinese Management Centre, University of Hong Kong



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