Faculty & Staff

Vivian C. SHEER


(PhD, University of Florida)

Refereed Journal Articles (since 2010)

  • Sheer, V. C., & Mao, C. (in press). Cigarette initiation among Chinese male teenagers in early smoking interactions. Health Communication.
  • Sheer, V. C., Mao, C., & Chen, Y. R. (in press). Focus group findings of smoking onset among male youth in China. Substance Use & Misuse.
  • Sheer, V. C., & Rice, R. E. (published first online 2016) Mobile instant messaging use and social capital: Direct and indirect associations with employee outcomes, Information & Management http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.im.2016.04.001.
  • Lau, J.T.F., Lee, A. L., Tse, W.S., Mo, O.K. H., Fong, F, Wang, Z, Cameron, L., & Sheer V. (2016). A randomized control trial for evaluating efficacies of two cognitive interventions with and without involving fear appeal approach in reducing unprotected anal sex among Chinese men who have sex with men. AIDS and Behavior. 20(9), 1951-1962.
  • Shen, F. Y., Sheer, V. C., & Li, R. B. (2015). Impact of narratives on persuasion in health communication: A meta-analysis. Journal of Advertising, 44(2), 105-113.
  • Sheer, V.C. (2014). “Exchange lost” in leader-member exchange theory and research: A critique and a reconceptualization. Leadership (Sage, London), 11(2), 213-229.
  • Sheer, V. C. (2014). A meta-synthesis of health-related self-efficacy instrumentation: Problems and suggestions. Journal of Nursing Measurement, 22(1), 77-93.
  • Sheer, V. C. (2013). In search of Chinese paternalistic leadership: Conflicting evidence from samples of mainland China and Hong Kong's small family businesses (featured article). Management Communication Quarterly, 67, 34-60.
  • Sheer, V. C. (2012). Does email facilitate negative performance feedback giving?: Supervisor and subordinate perceptions examined via the concept of social accountability in Hong Kong samples. Communication Studies, 63(2), 220-242.
  • Sheer, V. C. (2012). Supervisors' use of influence tactics for extra-role tasks: Perceptions by ingroup versus outgroup members in organizations in Hong Kong. Southern Communication Journal, 77(2), 143-162.
  • Sheer, V. C. (2011). Teenagers' Use of MSN features, discussion topics, and online friendship development: The impact of media richness and communication control. Communication Quarterly, 59, 82-103.
  • Chang, H. C., & Sheer, V. C. (2010). An Inoculation-Based Approach for Developing Efficacious Strategies for Resisting Cigarette Initiation among Chinese Male Youth. China Media Research, 6(4), 92-99.
  • Sheer, V. C. (2010). Transformational and paternalistic leaderships in Chinese organizations: Construct, predictive, and ecological validities compared. Intercultural Communication Studies. 19, 120-141.
  • Sheer, V. C. (2010). Adolescent use of ICQ vs. MSN for developing friendships online: Considering media richness and presentational control. Chinese Journal of Communication, (2)3, 223-240.

Book Chapters (since 2010)

  • Sheer, V. C. (in press). Human relations/human resources perspective (6000 words). International encyclopedia of organizational communication. New York: Wiley.
  • Sheer, V. C. (2014). Negotiator credibility, expectancy, and culture perceived in the eyes of the counterparts: A Johari Window comparison. In M. B. Hinner (Ed.), Chinese culture in a cross-cultural comparison (pp. 413-439). New York: Peter Lang.
  • Sheer, V. C., & Chen, G. M. (2010). Performance appraisal in Hong Kong subsidiaries versus in their U.S. parent companies: Culture, communication, and appraisal effectiveness. In M. B. Hinner (Ed.), The interface of business and culture (pp. 141-158). New York: Peter Lang.

Competitive Government Grants Awarded (Principal Investigator)

  • 2016   Hong Kong University Grants Committee, General Research Fund, Project Title: “Approaches of Social Norms in Antismoking Research: A Meta-synthesis and a Meta-analysis.” GRF12633816, HKD196, 082.
  • 2012     Hong Kong University Grants Committee, General Research Fund Grant. Project Title, “Developing and Testing Interpersonal Strategies for Resisting Smoking Initiation among Chinese male youth: A formative research project.” GRF248812, HKD 543,462.

Editorial Boards & Journals Reviewed for

  • Communication Monographs
  • Communication Theory
  • Management Communication Quarterly (board)
  • Leadership (Sage)
  • Journal of Asian Business Studies
  • Southern Communication Journal (board)
  • Communication Studies (board)
  • Journal of Educational Computing Research
  • Communication Education
  • Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
  • IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication
  • Asian Journal of Communication
  • Chinese Journal of Communication
  • International Journal of Intercultural Relations
  • Health Communication
  • Nicotine & Tobacco Research



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